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    business exit
    Are you planning a business exit?
    A successful and appropriate sales strategy is fundamental to
    being able to exit in the most profitable and sustainable way.

    Sales expertise locked in

    Maximise shareholder value

    Exceed projected values

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    sales pipeline
    Is your Sales Pipeline 100% reliant
    on your personal performance?

    Less becomes more - true!

    Getting to YES more often!

    Relentless pursuit of opportunity

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    business startup
    Do you have the right marketing strategy at the outset for your startup?
    Pinpointing your USP can be difficult in a saturated or even an
    emerging market. Prove from the outset that customers are buying
    your products and services - and for good reason too! Create a brand
    and seek the correct marketing guidance. We can help you get there.

    Understand what makes your business unique

    Craft a personal brand that can be commercialised

    Find your customers and market in the right place the right way

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    emotional intelligence
    Does emotional intelligence feature in your consultative sale process?
    The time spent on networking and investigation for selling
    your business is considerable and “the eye off the sales ball”
    at this time often results in sales dropping off.

    Influence sales team thinking and behaviours

    Harness emotions to achieve greater sales

    Promote exemplary sales executive performance

We have the experience

We have an impressive track record

Jim Stewart - as principal Director - has an impressive track record when it comes to sales mirroring for exits – most recently for a Virgin Fast Track 100 award winner measured on sales performance and profit over three years. Particular experience in IT, Franchising, FMCG and Home Improvement products.
Exit Ready Planning

Start the process early and "lock in" the growing sales opportunities into the mathematics. The selling of your business is now your full time activity. Leave the sales to the expert.

Sales Architecture

By all means move to a process based sales methodology BUT make sure you use the emotional intelligence that you as business founder possesses. Package up the magnetism and "plug it into" your sales team.

Lead Forensics

Sales pipelines are often sales pipe dreams. Gather,examine then prepare to exploit genuine opportunities. Often less is actually more. Really!!

Strategic Selling

Training and "ride with" support to your sales executives. Coaching for a consultative diagnostic close rather than just "a good meeting"

PR to match the Sell

It's a critical intermediary right from the start of your networking to sell the business. Avoid blanket coverage though - PR talk to those where your story will have real impact.

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